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Start your day off right with a hearty full English breakfast at Bistro 2000!

Looking for a delicious and satisfying breakfast? Look no further than Bistro 2000's full English breakfast. Enjoy a plate filled with all the classic breakfast items you love.


When it comes to a delicious and satisfying Full English Breakfast, Bistro 2000 in Side Kumköy is the place to go. Whether you're a regular visitor or a local resident, everyone agrees that Bistro 2000 serves the best fry-up in town. With their mouthwatering selection of breakfast items, you won't find a better Full English Breakfast anywhere else in Side Kumköy.


1- Seafood soup
Shrimp, squid, Octopus, Vongole, Biscuit sauce

2- Vegetable soup
Carrot, Zucchini, Peppers, Spinach, Basil


3- Beef Carpaccio
Baby rucola, Sour apple, Parmesan cheese, Dried Tomato, Balsamic sauce

4- Smoked meat and Cheese Pane
Smoked meat, smoked entrecote, Parmesan, Roquefort sauce, Emmental, Gouda, Smoked Circassian cheese, Crispy bread, Dried fruits

5- Smoked Salmon – Volaman
Avocado, Sea cowpea, Arugula, Baby radish, Vodka cherry sauce

6- Bruschetta
White cheese, Cocktail tomato, Olive slices, Avocado, Pesto sauce


7- Garlic Bread
Garlic bread with butter and mozzarella cheese, with Mediterranean greens

8- Crispy fried Shrimps (3 pieces)
Lime with sweet chilli Sauce

9- Grilled Brie Cheese
Fresh mint and basil, Strawberry and cherry puree

10- Meat stuffed Vine leaves
Vine leaves stuffed with minced meat, with creamy cherry sauce

11- Squid Stir Fry
With baby rucola, Tartar Sauce and lime

12- Grilled Octopus
with walnut, cherry teriyaki sauce and rucola

13- Nachos (meat or chicken)
With Mexican beans, Sautéed onion, Peppers, Jalapeno, Cajun spice, Mozzarella and corn


14- Mediterranean Garden Salad
Tomatoes, Cucumber, Corn, Blue berry, Mediterranean vegetables, Balsamic sauce

15- Greek Salad
Tomato, Cucumber, Red onion, California pepper, Olives, White cheese

16- Beet Salad with Goat Cheese
Steamed red beet, Flaxseed, Sour Apple, Orange, Goat cheese, Olive oil

17- Caesar salad (chicken or shrimp)
Lettuce, Dried tomato, Parmesan cheese, Caesar sauce

18- Rucola Parmesan Salad
Baby rucola, Orange, Sour apple slices, Tomato, Parmesan cheese, Balsamic sauce

19- Smoked Salmon Salad
Garden greens, Tomato, Corn, Pickled capers (capari), Red onion, Olive oil, Lemon sauce


20- Fettuccine Alfredo
with Mushroom, Chicken, Garlic, Basil, Parmesan cheese and cream

21- Paccheri Pasta with Steak
With Neapolitan sauce, Garlic, Basil and Parmesan cheese

22- Spaghetti Bolognese
with Bolognese sauce, Parmesan cheese, Basilica and Garlic

23- Penne Arrabbiata
with chilly Neapolitan sauce, Basil, Parmesan cheese and garlic

24- Salmon Fettuccine
Pasta with fresh salmon, Asparagus, lemon and thickened cream

25- Seafood Fettuccine
with Vongole sauce, shrimps, squid octopus, bisque sauce, Garlic and parmesan


26- Seafood Risotto
Vongole, shrimp, squid, octopus, basil, bisque sauce, garlic, parmesan

27- Meat Risotto
Beef Tenderloin, mushrooms, Cream, Parmesan, Basil

28- Paella Valenciana
Saffron, roasted vegetables, Parmesan, Vongole Sauce, Squid, Octopus and Shrimp


29- Steak
Steak, Spinach & Vegetables, Au gratin potatoes
With pepper sauce: 3,00€ * With Béarnaise sauce: 4,00€ * With Mushroom sauce: 3,50€ * With Garlic sauce: 4,50€ * With Gorgonzola sauce: 6,00€ * With Onion sauce: 3,50€ * With Cheddar sauce: 5,50€

30- Lokum Steak
with Potato, Vegetables, Gorgonzola sauce

31- Beef steak on a plank (Plankstek)
Mashed potato, Béarnaise sauce

32- Rib-eye Steak (300 gr)
Baby potato, Cheddar sauce, Sautéed Vegetables with Spinach

33- T-Bone Steak (550 gr)
With 3 different sauces, Baby potatoes and vegetables

34- Argentinean Fillet Steak (400 gr)
With baby potatoes, Sautéed Vegetables with Spinach and 3 different sauces

35- Tomahawk Steak (600 gr)
With Sautéed Vegetables with Spinach, Baby potatoes and 4 different sauces

36- Chateaubriand (550 gr)
With 3 different sauces, Baby potatoes, Sautéed Vegetables with Spinach

37- Lamb Ribs (Kuzu Kafes)     Kg:Daily price
with potato, Sautéed Vegetables with Spinach and 4 different sauces


38- Mixed Grill – Turkish special
Babe potato, Vegetables, Grilled onions and garlic

39- Reef Shashlik (300 gr)
With Cream, Onion, Mustard, Potato, Rice with veggies, Gorgonzola sauce

40- Lamb Chops with Peanuts
with mashed spinach, Vegetables, Celeriac and Cherry sauce

41- Çökertme Kebab
Beef slices in Butter, Potato, Garlic yoghurt, Neapolitan sauce

42- Ottoman Stew (Meat or Chicken)
Rice with veggies and potato

43- Kasap Meatball (200 gr)
Potato, Rice with veggies and Cheddar sauce

44- Bistro Burger (180 gr)
With Coleslaw salad, Pickled gherkins, Lettuce, Tomato relish sauce and potato

45- Testi -Pottery- kebab (meat, chicken or combo)
With Meat – Chicken or Combo, Rice with veggies and potato

46- Fajitas (meat or chicken)
With Spiced onion, pepper, Salsa Guacamole sauce

47- Chicken Satay
Rice with veggies, Village cheese, Satay sauce and Potato

48- Sautéed Chicken with Mushroom
With Mushroom sauce, Spinach, Vegetables and Mashed potato

49- Wings chicken Schnitzel
With potato, Mediterranean greens and chilli sauce

50- Grilled Sea bass Fish
With mashed celeriac sauce, vegetables and bisque sauce

51- Grilled Salmon
With Béarnaise sauce, Spinach, Vegetables and mashed potato

52- Sea bass fish wrapped in potatoes
Celery puree, sautéed spinach, lemon butter sauce


53- Pizza Margarita

54- Funghi

55- Pizza Sicilian

56- Pizza Hawaii

57-Mixed Pizza


58- Greens Stew

59- Vegan Penne

60- Vegan Pizza


61- Pasta


62- Spaghetti Bolognaise

63- Crispy Chicken

64- Pizza Margarita

65- Meatballs

66- Hamburger

67- French fries


68- Chocolate Shuffle
with Vanilla ice cream and mashed cherry

69- Panna Cotta
with Chocolate ice cream and cherry toping

70- Magnolia Oreo
Oreo Biscuits & cracked nuts

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